Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wife Likes Husband Wearing Panties

I have been married for 2 years and my husband and I have a great marriage as well as being sexual. He told me a fetish that he had for a while but was afriad to tell me and he was him wearing panties. I thought it would be a new kink for us to try and we went to VS and got him a panty and thong and its hott and sexy to see him in them. He just wears them around the house or to bed for play when we have sex

Girls Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties

This has definitely become very common these days in alot of relationships. Its totally normal and many women are actually encouaging it or accepting of it as part of the trend. Alot of my friends ask or encourage their husbands to wear their panties as part of spicing up their love lives (and Im talking about really good, normal husbands too!). I first asked my hubby to wear my panties a few years ago and hes been ok with wearing them ever since (for bedroom play only). And from what my friends tell me, most of their hubbys enjoy it too. I mean think about it, guys boxers and briefs are made of relatively boring styles and materials. Womens undies are much more enticing both as to how they look and the feel of the different materials they are made up of. Look at it as a sign of devotion, closeness or that your hubby is really into you. If you encourage it you can have alot of fun as part of this new and exciting trend!

Woman Turned On By Men Wearing Panties

Why not a man should be able to wear panties if he wants to. Panties are very comfortable. When you wear a pair of nylon panties, your pants glide right over them, plus panties come in some many different styles and colors, I just love the variety in panties. Men's boring white cotton briefs or even boxers suck. So woman come on get your man to wear panties.

Husband Wearing Wifes Panties

My husband used to wear my panties, he looked cute, sexy and the most important, he felt so comfortable and that would never been found in men briefs. It is a great experience to choose and pick panties with your loved one, or perheps, share or wear the same panties.

Girl who likes guys wearing panties

This is definitely becoming a trend in long term relationships where couples feel secure enough to play around with idea like this. I have actually encouraged my hubby to wear panties on a number of occasions and it can be pretty erotic letting him explore the forbidden sensation of wearing panties. Lots of women I know have let their hubby try their panties on for this kind of thing. Let him explore and have fun!

Girl Likes Seeing Men Wearing Panties

Lately, he had really shown an interest in what I would be wearing to the office each day with my skirt suits. One day I just called him on the mat and told him that I wanted him to try my panties, just for the wild idea of seeing if he would actually do it for me. I eased out of my panties and handed them over. He was hesitant at first but after some encourgement, he actually tried them. We giggled a bit at first, but that moment turned out to be a huge turn on for us both in a forbidden kind of way. Things got pretty steamy and I ended up late for work! I would like to have him try it again, and I am sure he will.

Girls That Like Seeing Men Wearing Panties

I know its a bit of a shock when you first discover your man wears panties but the truth is it is very common. Lots of men wear panties everday and lots wear panties under there work clothes. I personally like seeing a guy wearing panties, and with panties there are so many more choices than mens underwear, a guy can get creative, and I like when a guy gets creative with his panty selection. Once a man wears panties he is hooked, panties just have that certain excitement, believe me ask your man to put on your panties and watch as his eyes light up.